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HOME Team Disaster Volunteer TrainingThe HOME Team is a campus-wide network of professionally trained disaster volunteers, who will work with our emergency responders to increase our response capabilities during a disaster. Team members are not people who have chosen emergency response as a profession, but are just like you-students, faculty, and staff across campus, who understand the reality of disasters: we will need to help each other until outside help arrives. The HOME Team, activated during a campus-wide emergency, will help save lives in our community.

Why does the campus need this program? Seismological experts agree that a major earthquake on the Hayward Fault is inevitable. In a regional disaster such as a major earthquake on the Hayward Fault, emergency response resources on the Berkeley campus as well as throughout the region will be instantly overwhelmed. The Berkeley campus must be prepared to be self-sufficient until outside help can arrive.

Why do we need trained volunteers?In a major disaster there will not be enough emergency responders to handle all of the campus emergency response needs. Developing and fielding teams of trained disaster volunteers to work with campus emergency responders will increase our response capabilities and save lives

What are the components of the program?Given the campus priority of life safety, our first volunteers were trained in First Aid and Triage, Light Urban Search and Rescue and Emergency Communications. Once trained, each disaster volunteer was assigned to report to a HOME department during a disaster, to act as a part of a field disaster team on behalf of the campus.

Training and instruction is now being provided by the City of Berkeley's Office of Emergency Services, through their CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) classes. Classes include: Basic Personal Preparedness, Disaster First Aid, Disaster Mental Health, Fire Suppression, Light Search and Rescue, Responding to Terrorism, and Shelter Operations.

When will the training begin? Training sessions are on-going. To see the latest offerings and to register, visit the City of Berkeley, Office of Emergency Services website.

Where will the training be held? Fire Suppression classes are held at the Berkeley Marina (201 University Avenue). All other classes are held at the Fire House at 9th and Cedar Streets (997 Cedar Street). Those who submit an "interest card" at the training sessions will receive more specific information on joining the "HOME Team", a corps of trained disaster volunteers assigned to specific duties in a campus disaster.

Who can register for the training? Anyone who either lives or works in the City of Berkeley may sign up for free training. Once trained, members of the campus community may become part of "The HOME Team".

How do you register? All registration will be handled on-line. Simply go to the City of Berkeley, Office of Emergency Services web site and follow the instructions.



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