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Campus Disaster Response Plans

Limited Response to Emergencies Plan (LERC)

The University of California, Berkeley has an EOP that takes a graded approach to campus-wide emergencies. Not all abnormal campus situations escalate to a “Level Three” emergency requiring full Emergency Response Organization (ERO) activation.

Limited emergency (Level One) response has been clearly defined, so there is a defined protocol for responding to lesser emergencies such as floods, fires, or power outages in particular buildings or quadrants, without activation of the entire ERO. Although limited emergencies may require only routine campus resources, some may require activation of one or more Department Operations Centers (DOCs) and formal command and control authority, and others may need an immediate response by specialized vendors.

The “Response to Limited Emergencies” policy establishes a protocol for effectively responding to limited emergencies, including designation of the Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness/Homeland Security as the Limited Emergency Response Coordinator (LERC). Limited emergencies often result in affected units competing for resources and the attention of emergency responders. This policy makes it more likely that critical decisions early in the response stage will be made in the best interests of the campus as a whole. The intent of the policy is to ensure that appropriate resources are brought to bear during the initial stages of the emergency and to shorten the time needed to return to business as usual.

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP); Emergency Plan Implementation Procedure (EPIP)

The purpose of the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Emergency Operations Plan (PDF 728 KB) (EOP) is to establish policies, procedures, and an organizational structure for response to a major emergency. The Plan incorporates operating concepts from the “Incident Command System” (ICS) for handling emergencies resulting from fires, floods, storms, earthquakes, hazardous materials incidents, and other potential disasters. In addition, the Emergency Plan Implementing Procedure (Word Doc, 2.3 MB) (EPIP) “Activation and Operation of the University of California, Berkeley Emergency Operations Center” provides detailed information for members of the Emergency Response Organization to utilize during these emergencies.

The EOP and EPIP utilizes the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS), as described by Government Code 8607(a), for managing response to multi-agency and multi-jurisdiction emergencies in California. SEMS, adopted by California in 1995, and incorporates the use of the Incident Command System (ICS), the Master Mutual Aid Agreement, existing mutual aid systems, and County operational area concept, and inter-agency coordination. This system, by promoting the use of common terminology and command structure, facilitates better flow of information and coordination between responding agencies. SEMS is continuously updated for compliance with the new National Incident Management System (NIMS), a nationwide standardized approach to incident management and response. Developed by the Department of Homeland Security and announced in March 2004, NIMS establishes a uniform set of processes and procedures that emergency responders at all levels of government will use to conduct response operations. Essential response departments have Department Operations Centers (DOCs) and DOC Plans (209Kb) to coordinate the actions of their personnel and to facilitate communication to and from the EOC. Campus DOCs include:

  • Click PDF Icon to Download copy of DOC PlanPolice Department
  • Click PDF Icon to Download copy of DOC PlanFacilities Services
  • Click PDF Icon to Download copy of DOC PlanEnvironment, Health & Safety
  • Click PDF Icon to Download copy of DOC PlanResidential and Student Services Programs
  • Click PDF Icon to Download copy of DOC PlanUniversity Health Services
  • Click PDF Icon to Download copy of DOC PlanPublic Affairs
  • Click PDF Icon to Download copy of DOC PlanHuman Resources
  • Click PDF Icon to Download copy of DOC PlanInformation Services & Technology

DOCs may activate independently, in response to localized events that require extraordinary attention (e.g. power failure, Internet failure or attack, civil disturbance, etc.)

Campus staff appointed to emergency management and/or response roles under the campus plan are provided with orientation and training to ICS, SEMS and NIMS, as a component of the campus' ongoing emergency planning, training and exercise programs. Reference documentation and copies of the training material used in ICS/SEMS/NIMS presentations is available at the State of California Office of Emergency Services training resource website. ICS/SEMS/NIMS training materials are organized into 4 categories:

  • Instructor Guides - Powerpoint slides and instructor notes for each instructional module
  • Presentation Materials - Powerpoint slides -- in slideshow format -- without instructor notes
  • Student Materials - In depth, textbook style outline of the course materials, with additional reference material, acronym definitions and frequently asked questions on several related topics
  • Videos - These are short video segments - typically no longer that several minutes each - that accompany the presentation materials as a component of the powerpoint slideshow.

Please consider this resource if you would like to refresh your training or improve your understanding of emergency management structures and strategies employed at the local, state and national levels. Additional training materials developed for campus exercises can be found under the Resources tab.

Title of Document Date Posted
          PDF IconEmergency Operations Plan               01/10/11
          PDF IconEmergency Plan Implementing Procedure               01/10/11
          PDF IconCrisis Communications Plan               10/01/12

Annual Exercises, Training Presentations & Quick Guides

Title of Document Date Posted
WebEOC Quick Guides  
         PDF WebEOC 0 Complete Guide 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 1 Introduction 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 2 Login & Logoff 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 3 Control Panel 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 4 Boards 03/28/12
               PDF WebEOC 4.2 Printing 03/28/12
               PDF WebEOC 4.3 Viewing 03/28/12
               PDF WebEOC 4.4 Adding an Entry 03/28/12
               PDF WebEOC 4.5 Updating an Entry 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 5 Tier 1 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 6 Significant Events 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 7 Information 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 8 Activity 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 9 Request 03/28/12
               PDF WebEOC 9.3 Adding an Entry 03/28/12
               PDF WebEOC 9.4 Accepting/Completing a Request 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 10 Mission 03/28/12
               PDF WebEOC 10.3 Adding an Entry 03/28/12
               PDF WebEOC 10.4 Accepting/Completing a Mission 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 11 Shelters 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 12 WebEOC Mgt 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 13 Contact 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 14 Chat 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 15 Checklist 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 16 Messages 03/28/12
                 PDF WebEOC 16.3 Replying 03/28/12
                 PDF WebEOC 16.4 Composing 03/28/12
         PDF WebEOC 17 NSW Weather Alerts 03/28/12
BC / EMA Annual Meeting - 2011  
          PowerPoint Icon 2011 BC-EMA Welcome 02/10/11
          PowerPoint Icon BC-EMA Steering Committee 02/10/11
          PowerPoint Icon Earthquakes In Our Backyard 02/10/11
          PowerPoint Icon Dedicated Spill Response Team 02/10/11
          PowerPoint Icon Building Watch Officer Program 02/10/11
          PowerPoint Icon Tools to Surviving an Active Shooter 02/10/11
                     PDFActive Shooter - How to Respond 01/10/11
Building Coordinator Training — 2010

2010 BC Welcome


2010 Update from Facilities Services


2010 What is Premise Liability


2010 Facilities Re-Occupation Group Policy

Emergency Response Organization Training (PowerPoint)  

EM-9001 – ERO Concept of Operations














The FEMA Cost Reimbursement Process
     FEMA_Training_6MB.pdf (PDF)

WebEOC User Guide  

PDF 1.0 WebEOC 7.2 Beginner's User Guide






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